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KMGO team is the winner of the sports competition

Team of “KazMunayGas Onimderi” LLP ranked first in team rating during sports competitions of “transportation, refinery and marketing” division and won Golden Cup in the honor of the fortieth anniversary of Pavlodar Refinery.

More than 200 strong competitors from teams of “KazMunayGas Onimderi” LLP, “Petro Kazakhstan Oil Products” LLP, Atyrau and Pavlodar refineries, “KazMunayGas Aero” LLP, “Caspiy Bitum” LLP and KazMunayGas International took part in the competitions.

Our guys won futsal and ping-pong competitions both among men and women as well as chess and arm-wrestling among women and togyz-kumalaku among men.

It was really entertaining and dignified competition.

We are proud of our colleagues that once again proved that we are ready to give one hundred percent to everything we do!!!

We would also like to congratulate silver and bronze medalists: Pavlodar refinery and Atyrau refinery teams!

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