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We are thrilled to announce that the KazMunaiGas fuel stations network has launched a new type of product – the winter diesel fuel “Euro emission class K5” with extreme temperature negative 32 C. This type of fuel is now sold at the KazMunaiGas fuel stations in Astana, Pavlodar, Karaganda, Kokshetau and Petropavlovsk.

The problems arising in the extreme cold weather in vehicles that run on diesel fuel are related to the freezing of diesel fuel itself. The lowering of the temperature in the diesel fuel causes wax crystallization, which makes fuel turbid and viscous. As a result, it clogs the fuel filter sieve and blocks the flow of fuel into the car engine. The temperature at which this occurs is called the filterability limit temperature.

For most types of diesel fuel the filterability limit temperature is -20 °C. In contrast, the diesel fuel with the filterability limit temperature -32 °C is intended for use in internal combustion engines in cold and arctic climate. Due to its chemical composition, the maximum limit of the filterability temperature is -36 °C. In other words, the diesel fuel doesn’t freeze at temperatures below 40 °C.

List of stations that sell the Diesel Fuel with filterability limit temperature -32 °С:

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