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KazMunaiGas sums up the cooperation results with Partners as part of the CODO program for 2016

The reporting meeting of the past year and a half, based on the cooperation between KMG and its partners as part of the “CODO” program - the entrepreneurs who have received contracts for management of the fuel stations “KazMunaiGas” took part in Astana.

The CODO program is the first large-scale project in Kazakhstan, where big business outsources one of its main processes - the sale of its oil products to the population. Today, in different regions of the country, a total of 110 entrepreneurs are successfully running 150 fuel stations under the auspices of “KazMunaiGas.”

The summed results of the period of a year a half, on the operation of fuel stations under the program, yielded a positive result - an increase in fuel sales volumes.

“A lot has been achieved through joint efforts during this period. The growth in sales at the CODO fuel stations is now at 22 percent compared to the same period a year earlier. Partners receive appropriate remuneration, which is 6 percent over the plan. It is a joint effort by the company and its partners. “KazMunaiGas Onimderi LLP” makes every effort to ensure that our partners have increased the sales, but in turn, we need a response and interest of partners to improve the quality of service, the state of the stations and the stores on its premises. The important factor is to ensure the safety and protection of labor,” said in the opening remarks Director General of “KazMunaiGas Onimderi LLP” Assylbek Karibayev.

KMG will not remove the question of sales from the agenda or such questions as the need to preserve company’s property, continuity of supply of petroleum products, the quality of fuel sold, the preservation of jobs, quality of service or development of roadside service and others.

“Both sides - the national company and business - are interested in the further increase of sales volumes of petroleum products. We are waiting for a conscientious attitude to the management of the handed over property, respect for the “KazMunaiGas” brand, preservation of quality of oil products, the proper quality of service and compliance with corporate standards. As you know we have a great responsibility because our joint work with our customers will be judged on the whole as the brand “KazMunaiGas”,” noted in his speech, Deputy Director General for Operations Management at “KazMunaiGas Onimderi LLP” Nurken Murzagaliyev. He hopes that businessmen use entrepreneurial initiative, creative marketing approaches to attract customers, service and sales capacity, and actively participate in promotional events, which will increase the profitability of both KMG and its partners. In turn KMG is ready to provide assistance and support its partners.

During the meeting partners shared experience, their opinions and suggestions on further cooperation.

“There are no problems on the content of the fuel stations that I can think of. The prices are reasonable. We get high-quality petroleum products at a competitive price. So there are lots of customers. KMG often hosts promotions, which I, in turn, always support. In fact, I get the benefit of a turn-key business which has achieved the highest rating in the market,” said Kairat Ailbekov one of the KMG partners.

At the end of the meeting the entrepreneurs who showed the best results of joint work, have been awarded with letters of appreciation. In turn, the partners expressed their gratitude to the management of “KazMunaiGas Onimderi LLP” for trust with the wishes of further mutually beneficial cooperation, and prosperity for CODO joint program.

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