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The fuel stations KazMunaiGas sell AI 92 type of fuel throughout Kazakhstan as usual with no restrictions

KazMunaiGas Onimderi is selling the most popular brand of petrol – the AI-92 – as usual without restrictions in all regions of Kazakhstan.

The current situation at the KazMunaiGas fuel stations

The situation with fuel supplies to KazMunaiGas fuel stations is under control, said Bakhytzhan Tassanbayev, managing director for development of KazMunaiGaz Onimderi at a press briefing in Astana.

Kuandyk Kulmurzin has been appointed Director General of KazMunaiGas Onimderi

By the decision of the only participant of KazMunaiGaz Onimderi, dated October 12, 2017, the tenure of Director General (Chairman of the Board) of KazMunaiGaz Onimderi of Assylbek Karibayev were terminated prematurely....

We express our condolences to the relatives and close ones of Yesmurat Aitzhanov

The staff members and management of KazMunaшGaz Onimderi LLP express their condolences to the relatives and close ones of Yesmurat Aitzhanov, who died in a fire in Kulsary, Atyrau region.

Information about the situation of a fuel tanker ignition in Kulsary, Atyrau region

KazMunaiGaz Onimderi LLP, hereby, informs that on October 4, 2017, approximately at 9:50 a.m., on the territory of the tank farm of the “Integrated Construction Group” LLP, located in Kulsary, Atyrau region, a fuel truck...

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